The keel !

With a little bit of patience for the good weather and thanks to the quality of everyone’s listening, here is the keel and its cylinder waiting for the crane operator to take it out in the dry area for disconnection […]

Ireland at last

New electronic charts: the 2 computers do not give the same image and you have to juggle, reset everything to get a correct overview.But with 3 computers, including 1 with the old charts, Google, Marinetraffic and its OnCourse application, we […]

Fall program

Departure from Svalbard “without” regrets but with a small pinch in the heart especially for the 4 who could not come to recharge their batteries in the cool.Many projects in mind, here is the beginning for the coming months.

Svalbard first

With 15 days left, it was possible to juggle the weather and avoid other cruise passengers as much as possible.With the result of beautiful photos and drone image to come…Bear, beluga, seal, minke whale, fox and lots of flowers and […]

The Svalbard

After a nice crossing of the Barents Sea, here we are in Spitsbergen where we will stay until the end of July.Then it will be Lofoten passing by Tromsø to bid farewell at the same time as the crew change. […]

Goobye whales

End of the month and winter session under unstable and stormy but sunny weather by our 3 team members. Penultimate round to Skjervøy managing the winter depressions, between snow – rain and very strong winds, we were still able to […]

Youth team

Departure under the rain, able to stay awake until 4 a.m. to hope to see the Northern Lights … a great reward with the added bonus of the humpback whales which arrived in large numbers while the orcas, fishermen and […]