Polar sailing boat

To go on a voyage of discovery

Come and meet us

Polar sailing boat

To go on a voyage of discovery

Come and meet us

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You can also find our recipes cooked aboard.

Figari – Port of Pianottoli

We arrived just in time before a gust of wind which would have made it difficult for us to moor.We anchor in the channel while we reconnect the external helm and prepare for the dockside maneuver.Jean Louis, port master, arrives […]

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From the Azores to Figari

After 8 days of rest and refueling, laundry and aperitifs – various dinners, we leave for the last 2,000 Nm to Corsica.With a crew ready for watch: rest for the old guys!In the hope of arriving as soon as possible […]

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Change of plans

Navigation in the Arctic, in addition to being complicated, requires much moremaintenance of the equipment and causes greater breakage.Last winter for various reasons (weather, supplier delays) wecould not finalize some details and this causes today chain problems that only complicate the running of […]

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Activities onboard​

Whatever you choose to do, you can always enjoy the moment and you will never get bored.
Every activity is adaptable to the season, the age or the interest of the crewmates,
but always according the weather forecast.


Prepare to come and don't be afraid of Seasikness


Delight yourself with our cook meals

Key numbers​

Sailing from 2009 to 2020, 80 000 nautical miles traveled offshore and many more inshore.

Average sailing speed​
Hours of construction



26 Days


75 Kts




Fantastic trip on Fredoya! Fred & Fredo are discreet but prepossessing. On their friendly boat the Captain is going to delight you with his cooking skills!
A unique experience! These two sea lovers welcomed us for a beautiful sailing introduction and delicious cuisine.*
Unforgettable trip on board of Fredoya in Greenland.
Sailing and participating to everyday boat life disconnected us from everything. The journey was brightened up by lovely cooking specialties* [...]
Everything was told by our crew members and the ones before… I can’t stop giving your contact to all my personal and professional relatives. Thank you again for everything Frédo and Fred!

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