Day 10 and 9

Day 10: 43 ° 31.1N 0034 ° 28W Cog 135 ° speed. 5.8 kts Distance done 1508 Nm Baro 1010 Sun thin clouds turning into cumulus 15kts of wind at 120 ° Genoa alone no longer slams. Bl... Read More

Sailing goes on

Day 4 : 55°28.9N 48°28.1W CoG: 138° Speed: 6 knots Distance done: 586Nm
Bassin du Labrador 
Cloudy sky but it’s  still a warm day, with the wind is weakening it’s not so easy for the stability in the swell.
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Go to Svalbard !

It’s gone for ten days, direction Svalbard!
Normally for about twenty hours before the wind of the South.
Rhythm polyphasic naps taken.
66N15 18W02 23 Nm from Hraunhofn
Sea unstable wind very weak, but the morale of the crew is …

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