Departure for La Rochelle

Appointments made for the Covid-19 vaccinations on 8/17 and 7/9 in La Rochelle.
New sails for Fredoya deliverable by Sailonet mid-September in La Rochelle.
Reservation at the port of Marans from mid-August to mid-September, 24 km from La Rochelle.
If the Brault bridge is not repaired when we arrive within 12 days, we will be at the Charron buoy, 17 km from La Rochelle.
We can therefore receive anyone who wants to see us from mid-August to the end of September around… .. La Rochelle !!!

Departure from Praia da Vitoria from August 4th.
Arrival in the Bay of La Rochelle before August 16 hoped for (weather not very nice but we have seen worse!)
See you soon