Svalbard with SAS airlines strike

It is a final decision: we will not return to Svalbard yet so attractive.
A very pleasant first trip which allowed us to test maritime solidarity even with the big cruise lines, during a call for a Covid test.
Beautiful memories filmed professionally, the sadness of the departure for us a great hope to make a beautiful trip of 12 days with 2 couples of friends:
it would have been without the strike of the Scandinavian pilots of SAS airlines aggravated by that of the SNCF and the French RATP.
After many expectations and contradictory information, we understand that SAS preferring to create 2 small Low Costs companies to recover the deficits due to the Covid does not rehire at full rate the pilots who are getting angry in a passable atmosphere since the porters’ strike which has lasted for 1 months +/- depending on the country and the lack of personnel at checkpoints slowing boarding and causing passengers to miss flights when these flights are not delayed by 3 to 6 hours.
To pass the time before the next group, which we hope will arrive on the 19th, we are looking for a quiet spot with less silt-laden water to mow the grass on the hull. 7 mm suit sufficient in water at 7/10°C when the tidal current carries the jellyfish.
This year Fred sticks to it to test his new jacket, Fredo not having the knee to get into his overalls.
Very nice little anchorage except that there is no GSM connection aboard.
We nevertheless recover the emails by satellite and some text messages while climbing the hill.
This allows us to see that the flights have resumed… we return to Longyearbyen to refuel after the weekend rush.