Panama Canal, back in Atlantic

We came back to RAM Marina on the Rio Dulce – Guatemala, for the so much awaited maintenance of the hull and the keel system. We will get Fredoya out of the water in order to paint the antifouling again but also to waterproof the keel axis and change the hydraulic hoses… Many boats are still on the Rio blocked by the consequences of the different quarantines and curfews in the neighbouring countries and further away… We have difficulty to project ourselves in the future so we will do as if…. And cross our fingers (not too much if we want our work to progress) so that mid-April the children can come to help us to return to Europe where many people are waiting to find out where Fredoya will be able to sail !

Ah yes, since we entered Panama we have crossed the canal without any problems, our bank account has been lightened but we’re serene as we are finally in less expensive

*You’ll see a video edited with my small capacities which will give you a glimpse of this adventure.

The logbooks should not be long to come, for Panama as well as for Mexico…
With the report of a grotesque exit from Panama and an entry under high surveillance in Guatemala hopefully with an automatic pilot “fixed” on the way!