Future Crew survey

The consequences of the Covid will force us to review our navigation plans in order to be able to find you on board.

Status to date, October 2020
All 2020 trips have been canceled, even for our American teammates, and 2021 is not looking better.
Canada BC closed, forbidden to approach by sailboat even with quarantine completed.
USA closed, in Alaska, we could leave the boat (contacts) but we have to leave… 6 months minimum, without a promised return date?
Mexico OK, we just got there.
The Panama Canal has just reopened for individuals.
Borders also seem to be closing in Europe.
Limited flights and tendencies to increase tariffs.

We must find solutions to continue with the optional 2 main sails that need to be changed …

It was planned this winter: Mexico, Sea of ​​Cortez, work in Guaymas in November but with the excess of Americans, the prices are too high, we will look elsewhere …

For us: the choice is to be made

1 – in the West, Polynesia, but no customers (closed to tourists or a crippling quarantine period for lack of time) and very expensive flights.
2 – in the North, back to Alaska, with the US elections on top of everything else, it seems blocked for next summer and complicated flights, according to the locals and our pilot buddies.
3 – in the South, Panama and its canal which opens alternately, then return to the Atlantic where there are more possibilities and easier flights and better prices.
Caribbean, Cuba, Transat, Azores, Canaries, Mediterranean or North Atlantic, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Arctic …
4 – stay in Mexico, with the cyclone zone to manage in summer, the scorching heat and wait until 2022… Budget?

The most sensible option seems to be the # 3 with a return to the Atlantic and all the easy destinations while waiting to see more clearly for the distant ones.

Thank you for agreeing to give your desires of navigation in order to help us.
To your Atlas:
The Atlantic Zone is Large:
South – North: 10 ° N – 80 ° N – from the Caribbean to Svalbard
East – west: 35 ° E – 90 ° W Mediterranean, Atlantic Islands, transatlantic, Caribbean, Central America.

France, Balearic Islands, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Greece
Acores, Canaries, Cape Verde,
Transat to go: to go to the Antilles
Ireland, Scotland, Faeroes, Iceland, Orkney Islands, Shetland, Norway
Greenland, Svalbard
Caribbean, Grenada, Grenadines, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, BVI, Cuba, Bahamas
Central America, Panama, Honduras, Mexico
New Foundland, Labrador, Hudson’s Bay, Baffin

Your preferences for destinations, sailing or offshore, from hot to cold, from the beach to the mountains, ice or sand, Transat, Expedition.
Here in Mexico there is little connection, so not easy to communicate, but we will go through your answers before the passage of the Canal in December in case a majority wish us to stay in the Pacific.
We are well aware that you do not have much more visibility in terms of travel possibilities, but it will always be a pleasure to read you.

A visit to France in the fall of 2021 would make it possible to have the boat overhauled in Port Saint Louis du Rhône during the winter and to recover new sails and many other equipment (… to finish the carpentry or to redo the damaged ).