Sailing goes on

Day 4 : 55°28.9N 48°28.1W CoG: 138° Speed: 6 knots Distance done: 586Nm
Bassin du Labrador 
Cloudy sky but it’s  still a warm day, with the wind is weakening it’s not so easy for the stability in the swell.
Barometer (1013) is rising in accordance with Grib files
 The color of the sea and sky… Everything suggests that we are moving away from the Arctic but it will take another 2 or 3 days before being on the Atlantic

J5 : 3:30pm utc (7:30pm Paris) 53°45.4N  046°08.6W CoG: 144° Speed; 7.7Nds Distance done: 722 Nm

Night under the squalls then the wind drop, in the end we had a current coming from the West at 20-25 Kt
At 8:30am we lift of the mainsail with 2 reefs and Genoa 2 reefs also. The boat was well balanced, some beautiful waves (hoping not to face a rogue wave) hit the freeboard and flood the roof.
Chilled meal, although agitated we prefer pea mash, it remains better in the plate and in the stomach
Barometer 1015, big sun, we sweat in the manoeuvres (12 ° C) and we open the pilot-house to lower the indoor temperature (19° down 24° at the top)