NWP preparation

Monday August, 5th 
We left Allan and Betty after reviewing the engine starter and relay that gave no sign of life … A few minutes of DIY under the anxious eye of Allan and we sail the last 3.7 Nm to the anchorage of Upernavik.
They finish packing (2 large suitcases (+ 1 left at the hotel), a small one, a backpack, 2 handbags) and we’ll go shopping. A lot of boats are arriving, the supermarket is full of people but there is no and a little empty football matches between northern villages explaining the crowd
15:00 final landing of Allan and Betty, storage, cabin layout … maneuver to the GO dock but no pump out of service

Tuesday filling up the tank of gas: – we had to order a truck because the automatic pump inaugurated this year does not work – filled by the same team as last year 953 L of which 360 L in cans (8*25 + 5*20 and 60L (red can given by Patrick in Saint-Marteen)) – small leak on the back starboard tank, but we could stopped it by dropping the pressure … Return to the anchorage: calmer (in the city there is a delivery of the freighter of the Atlantic Line from 3h to 8h and matches at around 200m from the boat with arrival and departure of the “Full-Speedy Gonzales boats” 😉

visit to the “Upernavik Cafe” which is very nice. Allan and betty waiting as well as Swiss kayakers

Wednesday: fill up (supplement) of water in the river to be at maximum. Drying and storage of laundry, booths, baking fresh bread and a cake for the arrival of our team members at 17h05. Mussels and sea urchins fishing 

Large Cirrus are appearing and the south wind is growing, barometer is still stable

We leave the sunny and quiet anchorage to be sure not to have to stress with the starter or other possible problems, andbetter like this because there is a thick fog on the sea side: less than 50 m visibility.

5pm we hear a plane landing, we find a place at the pontoon overloaded with boats but no sign of our teammates, we ask for confirmation by sms to Harry of their position because no way to connect the iridium to control the mails: they are at the airport but still in Ilulissat waiting, flight carried forward again. Normally they should take off at 7:10pm and arrive at 8:20 so the plane must be the one we just heard take off … the wait is long, patience is one of the key points of our success, but all the same! And the SMS Air Grrrrland 3rd: “shit happens” Flight reported to SATURDAY …. 3 days !!

Thursday: WAITING 

* connection of the antenna dedicated to the AIS for when it arrives with Marie 
* preparation of a support for LED headlights that can pierce the night to see the ice on the road because the midnight sun ends in 2 days and the Northwest passage is souther in latitude so no more nights of day 
* mailing and peeling blogs and other info to reassure that there will be time to try again at the end of the week 
The ice charts show a passage that opens through Peel Sound the Grib weather file is good for us 
* WAITING under a beautiful light watching the ice cubes pass more and more numerous