Day 10 and 9

Day 10: 43 ° 31.1N 0034 ° 28W Cog 135 ° speed. 5.8 kts Distance done 1508 Nm Baro 1010 Sun thin clouds turning into cumulus 15kts of wind at 120 ° Genoa alone no longer slams. Blue sea the swell is attenuating, water must be at 19 ° C
Rainy night with white squalls, need to roll the genoa at 3:30am it’s the middle of the sleep time of Fredo and she has to wake up to use the winch, hopefully with Fred piloting he can ease the manoeuvre
Sea swallow in the shelter of the hood would have preferred to be in the cabin of Loïc but we had to lock the porthole before the rain (on the contrary we had to leave ours open in the cabin to have some air because Fred couldn’t stand the heat, we exchanged our duvet for light blanket) we got our light pants out of the closet again!
Day 9: 45 ° 17.9 037 ° 00.5W Cog 135 ° Speed. 6.9 kts Distance traveled 1356 Nm Barometer 1013 warm overcast sky Given the weather forecast in the Grib files … Flores will indeed know a day of calm Wednesday (we could have arrived) and then southerly winds from next Thursday (bad shelter at anchor and close hauled wind to continue the road) So we head for the islands of Sao Jorge, Faial, Pico Yesterday 6:25pm rolled out all the Genoa tacking starboard, stopped the engine then nothing to do … except the watchs and good meals