8th day of navigation, the trip is good

D ay 8: 46 ° 57.8 N 039 ° 24.8 W Cog 149 ° Speed.6.2 Kts Distance done: 1213 Nm
Newfounland Basin Across Flemish Cap Barometer 1017, a bit windy (but that will change), engine with genoa 1 reef 2:00am two boats on the radar at 5 & 13 Nm including a BIG one in the rain 3:00 AIS test that works very well, but does not seem to emit… 4:10 OK 6:00 sunrise Wind: 3 -5 knots cloudy Beautiful sea we take advantage of having a shower before the wind comes back (expected in 6 hours, beautiful depression passing on Flores)
10:45am engine stops, speed falls from 7.2 Kts to 5.3 but stable – 11h10 we hoist the mainsail
The sea is blue and now we are barefoot outside, we take out the light shoes for maneuvers
12:00 a long cargo passed 4.5 Nm ahead from East to West, no AIS Lowered the mainsail and rolled a little bit the genoa so that it does not rub on the spars, point of friction where the threads does not resist Aperitif and lunch on the terrace in the sun
Detailed maneuvers in the afternoons and the moonless but starry nights, in the logbook at our arrival in the Azores (unfavorable weather for Flores but we still have 5 days minimum to see if it’s going to change)
Day 7: 48 ° 57.8N 041 ° 19.6W Cog 146 ° Speed: 7.7 Traveled 1066 Nm barometer 1017
Starboard tack 23Kts Watchof 23h took a reef in the mainsail to relieve the auto-pilot when the wind rises to 20 knots Night 1.4 Kts of current carrying us, speed of 9 knots with 15 knots of wind at 75 ° not too bad, starry sky 4:30am downwind we take down the mainsail – some storm petrels in the first clarity 6:50 The genoa slams too much so we help it with the engine 8:00am we roll the genoa
10:15 put back all the sails- the sun is playing hide and seek 19 ° C exter. We stored the heaters and warm socks
Day 6 : 51°22.7N 043°50.4W CoG 143° Speed. 7.4 – 8 Distance done: 890 Nm Barometer
11:00am Night mist transforming in drizzle, taking a reef in the mainsail and Genoa to relieve the auto-pilot which is at 22 apparent Wind; 18Knots
1019 T° exterior 16°C (it’s time to get loose of our layers and soon of our socks too) – the sea is still agitated and we see no birds. Theorically we’ll be at the middle of our journey in the afternoon. Hoovering the water coming from condensation in the bottom of the boat is going to be necessary but it’s shaking too much, it will wait untill we switch on the engine due to the lack of wind before a nice depression coming that we can monitor on the grib files.
D5 : 3:30pm utc (7:30pm Paris) 53°45.4N 046°08.6W CoG: 144° Speed; 7.7Nds Distance done: 722 Nm
Night under the squalls then the wind drop, in the end we had a current coming from the West at 20-25 Kt At 8:30am we lift of the mainsail with 2 reefs and Genoa 2 reefs also. The boat was well balanced, some beautiful waves (hoping not to face a rogue wave) hit the freeboard and flood the roof. Chilled meal, although agitated we prefer pea mash, it remains better in the plate and in the stomach Barometer 1015, big sun, we sweat in the manoeuvres (12 ° C) and we open the pilot-house to lower the indoor temperature (19° down 24° at the top)